Office Ichijo Ltd.


About Office Ichijo Ltd.

About Office Ichijo Ltd.,

Founded in September 4th, 2008, the firm offers lead-generation copywriting and consultancy services. 

The firm provides sales letters, white papers, e-mail marketing campaigns, Web sites and other marketing materials based on client's request to outsell their products and services in Japan market.

Its office is located at the grandest building, the Aoyama Palacio Tower, in Omotesando at the very heart of Tokyo's Cosmopolitan center; a business district home to high tech, multimedia, fashion and business venture companies.  

About CEO of Office Ichijo Ltd.,

Akira Ichijo is an independent copywriter, sales and marketing consultant and a founder/owner of the Office Ichijo Ltd.

Prior to launch his own company, he was a full time employer at DENSO Corporation, a prominent automotive components manufacturer as an international sales representative for ten years.

A native of Kyoto, Akira has had 9 years experience of studying abroad in the United States.

A graduate of La Lumiere School, a college preparatory boarding school, in La Porte, IN.  He holds B.A. in Geography from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.  He is a member of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, Illinois Zeta Chapter.


For more information, please call (81)3-5778-5944, fax (81)3-5778-5945  and/or e-mail info/ change slash with @ mark.)


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